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Entrance Testing

In order to be successful in college-level courses, students must have adequate foundational knowledge and skills. Pellissippi State provides learning support in reading, English and math to assist students in developing college-level skills in each of these areas. Students are placed into these courses based on the results of a placement test.

New/Transfer Students:

  • Students may present either a valid ACT or SAT score (taken in the last 5 years) or take an entrance test.
  • Transfer students who have not successfully completed equivalent English and mathematics courses at another approved higher education institution also must provide either valid ACT or SAT scores or take the entrance test.

Re-admit Students:

  • Students will be placed based on their previous levels.
  • Students that have been out more than three years are strongly encouraged to take the entrance test if they still have outstanding developmental competencies to meet.

ACT Minimum College Level Scores
English            18
Reading          19
Mathematics    19

SAT Minimum College Level Scores
(English & Reading taken from critical reading score.)

English              450
Reading            460
Mathematics      460

Accuplacer Minimum College Level Scores
Writing            92
Reading          85
Mathematics    92

What is the ACCUPLACER Test?

The ACCPLACER test is a web based test administered to help Pellissippi State determine if a student should be placed directly into college level courses or if a student may need to take learning support courses in conjunction with his/her college level courses. The ACCUPLACER tests students in up to three areas: Sentence Structure, Reading Comprehension, and Elementary Algebra.

ACCUPLACER Sample Test Questions (PDF) **Please note that the study guide contains all areas of the ACCUPLACER and students should only study the three sections above for which they will be tested.

How long is the test?

Each section of the Accuplacer is approximately 45 minutes depending on which section a student is required to take, he/she could test from 45 minutes up to 2 hours 30 minutes.

What do I need for the test?

Photo ID
Pellissippi State student ID number

When is the test offered?

We offer the entrance test by appointment. Please call 865-694-6400 to obtain the testing password required to make your appointment and to verify testing requirements.

Sign-up for Entrance Test Online

***Students who may need testing accommodations, please contact Disability Services at 865-694-6411.

English as a Second Language Students (ESL)

You can demonstrate English proficiency in a number of ways:

  1. Take the Michigan English Language Proficiency Test offered at Pellissippi State. We offer the entrance test by appointment. Please call 865-694-6400 to obtain testing password in order to sign-up for Entrance Test online.
  2. Provide English as a Foreign Language Test (TOEFL) scores
  3. Provide International English Language Testing System (IELTS) scores

What is the Michigan Test?

The Michigan Test is an English language proficiency test used to place students at appropriate level of English language or academic course work. Students are allowed 75 minutes to complete a 100-item multiple choice test covering reading comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary. Students will be notified via telephone or email of their scores. On the day of the test, students should bring a #2 pencil and photo ID to the Testing Center.