A female instructor helping an older female with her studies.
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A younger female instructor helping a male student with his studies.

How To Make The Most Of Tutoring Services

Come to see a tutor when you need:

  • Help in completing homework questions or problems
  • Assistance in understanding concepts or discussing ideas
  • To know more about study strategies and preparing for tests
  • Help to keep you from falling behind

Prepare for a tutoring session by bringing:

  • Textbooks
  • Class notes
  • Past quizzes or tests that your instructor has authorized you to have
  • Course syllabus
  • Homework or workbook problems (Indicate what you have been able to complete yourself since tutors cannot go over every problem in every assignment.)

Remember that tutors cannot:

  • Do homework or assignments for students
  • Make up for missed classes or assignments or for missing prerequisite courses
  • Provide help for take home tests
  • Provide line-by-line correcting, editing, proofreading, or translating for students
  • Teach new material not included in the coursework

Help with Note Taking or Studying Habits:

Head over to Access and Diversity for great tips on improving these skills. 


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