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Sustainability Initiative

Zero Waste Classroom Project!

What is the Zero Waste Classroom Project?

This is a pilot project taking place Jan. 17 – Feb. 17 in certain classrooms on Pellissippi State’s Hardin Valley Campus. As part of the pilot project, trash cans and paper recycling bins are being removed from 25 classrooms. Students and faculty will be encouraged to use tri-compartment bins in hallways and common areas instead of in-class waste bins.

Why are we testing the Zero Waste Classroom Project?

Our students, faculty and staff are great proponents of sustainability at Pellissippi State. However, in some areas of campus, it can be difficult to know how to recycle properly. Sometimes it can be especially difficult to distinguish between recycling and trash bins in classrooms. Because the Zero Waste Classroom Project encourages the use of clearly labeled tri-compartment bins, it will make recycling easier and simpler.

What does this mean for me?

The Zero Waste Classroom Project is just a pilot, but we need the help of our students, faculty and staff to make it a success. If you’re in a classroom that’s participating in the pilot project, please remember to dispose of any waste or recyclables in the tri-compartment bins in the hallways and common areas near your classroom. There won’t be any waste or recycling bins available inside your classroom during the pilot project. After the pilot project, you’ll have the opportunity to provide your feedback during an audit of the 25 participating classes.

Which classrooms are participating?

In the Ned R. McWherter Technology Building:

  • 202
  • 217
  • 221
  • 301
  • 302
  • 303
  • 304
  • 305
  • 306
  • 227
  • 320
  • 322
  • 330
  • 338
  • 340
  • 345
  • 346

In the J.L. Goins Administration Building:

  • 227
  • 229

In the Lamar Alexander Arts & Sciences Building:

  • 118
  • 125
  • 150
  • 151
  • 223
  • 227

Where are we headed?

If the Zero Waste Classroom Project is successful, it would be implemented campus-wide on the Hardin Valley Campus, and perhaps expanded to other campuses as well. We’re grateful for your continuing support of the sustainability initiatives at Pellissippi State!


Have an idea for how to make Pellissippi State Community College more environmentally friendly? Pellissippi State takes sustainability seriously, and the College’s Sustainable Campus Committee will be reviewing proposals for sustainability projects, hoping to make those proposals a reality. Proposals are due to the Committee chair, Ann Kronk, by TBD Spring 2017.

Previous sustainable project proposals have included the College’s water bottle filling stations, new outdoor recycling and trash bins, aluminum and plastic recycling and LED lighting in the Clayton Performing Arts Center. All faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to submit project ideas. The Sustainable Campus Committee evaluates proposals based on a rubric and decides whether to fund the project and at what level. Students’ sustainable campus fees substantially fund the proposals each year. Fill out an application and let us know your ideas! Email Ann Kronk if you have any questions or need more information.


Are you interested in environmental sustainability and want to get involved with Pellissippi State’s sustainable initiatives? Apply to be a member of the Sustainable Campus Committee. The Sustainable Campus Committee determines the use of the funds generated from the sustainable campus fee.  Members of the committee not only vote on the usage of the fee, but they are involved in a number of activities related to sustainability. If you are interested in being a member of this committee, please complete the membership application.

Pellissippi State recognized as ‘Green Achiever’ for sustainability work

sus·tain·a·bil·i·ty: /səˌsteɪ nəˈbɪl ɪ ti/ noun 1. the quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance.

The Sustainable Campus Initiative engages students, faculty, and staff to boost our environmental awareness.  From recycling, reusing, and reducing our use of Earth’s resources, to creating community partnerships and building energy-efficient campuses, there’s something every member of the Pellissippi State community can do to contribute to the sustainability of our living planet.

In 2010, Pellissippi State Community College earned a Governor's Environmental Stewardship Award in recognition of its commitment to recycling and conservation and joined the list of colleges and universities whose presidents have signed a Climate Commitment statement.

Starting Fall 2011, a $10 sustainable Spring and Fall semester campus fee, initiated and supported by students, was implemented.  Funding from the fee is allocated by the Sustainable Campus Committee for various "green" initiatives, ranging from building plans to energy efficient operations, landscaping, purchasing "green" energy blocks, recycling, waste reduction, and educational programs and events.

Campus sustainability takes a village of students, faculty, and staff! Put your empty cans, bottles, and paper in the recycling containers. Bring your refillable water bottle and use the water bottle filling stations to refill it. Carpool or ride your bike.  

Join the “Green PAWS” club! The Club’s purpose is to make a difference of real worth in the community by initiating, promoting, and providing continuity of sustainability practices at Pellissippi State. Email Brad Moats for information about "Green PAWS".

To learn more about Pellissippi State’s sustainability efforts and to get involved, email the Sustainability Office at sustainability@pstcc.edu or call the office at 865-539-7364.

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